SRMtec – Compresores de tornillo simple y doble etapa

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SRM Open-type Single- stage Screw Compressors include 6 series totaling 19 models. Displacement 265- 10850m3/h(2960RPM),discharge temperature – 45℃ – +20℃ , applicable for the natural and environment-friendly refrigerants such as R717, R404A, R507A, etc.Stepless (10%- 100%) capacity control: intelligent controller with accurate selection and rapid response to ensure to operate in high EERunder different working conditions. The designed obliquity >30° , which is also applicable to the refrigeration systems on the marine units.
Features of SRM open-type single-stage screw compressor:

●“I”type patented profile, best lobe ratio of 5+7,high efficiency.
●Rotor is made of high- quality forged steel withmicron- machining accuracy, rendering excellentoverall mechanical properties, high strength, highwear resistance, and long durability.
●The housing is made of high- strength ductile iron,working pressure 2.8Mpa.
●Innovative shaft seal. The wear- resistant sealing surfaceis made of silicon carbide, rendering high reliability.
●High- precision and wear- resistant rolling bearingswith the designed life of 100 thousand hours.
●Vi control function ensures high efficiency operationunder various working conditions.
●Stepless capacity control (10- 100%) with theproprietary technology of explosion- proof cylinderof the capacity control.
●Integrated oil circuit: easy installation and low failurerate.
Comparison of Exhaust Volumes of Open-type Single-stage Screw Compressors


Application Scope of SRM Open-type Single-Stage Screw Compressor



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